1999 dodge viper gts ppg pace car

Dodge Viper GTS – 1999 PPG Pace Car

This V10 Viper comes close to being the most powerful PPG Pace Car, after the 1995 Lamborghini Diablo.




Besides the custom paint,  graphics, and BBS wheels, modifications for the Dodge Viper GTS Pace Car are unknown.

Current Status

Unknown. It has been suggested that this car was later repainted in a blue Worldcom paint scheme and used as a pace car in CART, as a few of the other PPG Pace Cars were.

I’m unable to find any documentation of this Pace Car online. Please let me know if you have any information on this vehicle, as I’d love to add it to this page!

On a side note, an enthusiast created a one-off scale model of this particular pace car.

1999 dodge viper gts ppg pace car

dodge viper gts ppg pace car

Dodge Viper PPG pace car in Laguna Seca-1999

Dodge Viper PPG pace car in Laguna Seca-1999 with the Acura NSX-T in the background


  • Hemiviper588@yahoo.com I have the original drawing for this car

    • Hi Bill, If you ever have the chance to scan it and send me a copy, please let me know! I’m sending you an email as well.

  • Greetings from the UK – Thank you for posting this interesting information , it has enabled me to identify a 1/43rd model car by Universal Hobbies. I have always admired the Dodge Viper since first seeing the Race at Le Mans in 1994 and have an interest in pace cars and race circuit support vehicles

    Thank you again

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