Chevrolet XT2 Concept 1989 PPG Pace Car

Chevrolet XT2 Concept – 1989 PPG Pace Car

After killing the El Camino and 20 years before Americans wanted a UTE, Chevrolet made this concept.


The XT2 was designed as a concept PPG Pace Car and went through two designs before engineers landed on the final one. The first version had the engine mounted under the bed. The second version was a based on a passenger-car platform with a FWD/AWD layout and a smaller V6 engine. So how did they end up with the final version? According to a press release provided by GM, “Given the consumer preference to small, sporty trucks, the evolution of the Chevrolet PPG XT-2 Pace Truck was natural.” Unfortunately the concept was never developed, as SUV’s and trucks gained popularity and gas prices stayed low in the 1990’s.

20 years later Pontiac was set to sell a re-badged Holden UTE due to popular demand, but the 2008 recession killed Pontiac, along with some other GM brands. That hasn’t stopped the Holden UTE from being imported to the US, converted to LHD and sold here though!


The XT2 featured a Corvette suspension, built on a platform similar to the F-body Camaro, and was powered by a tuned port injection 4.5-liter V6 rated at 360 horsepower and 315 ft. lb. of torque. The transmission is a 6-speed manual.

Current Status

The XT2 still exists, as it has been spotted at shows, although I’m unsure of its permanent home.

Chevrolet XT2 Concept 1989 PPG Pace Car

  • most futuristic truck ever


    • There are some PPG Pace Cars that bad a VIN and title and are registered for legal street use. Many of the concepts & prototypes, such as the XT2 are not road legal.

  • Reminds me of Chrysler’s Wraith

  • I like it! It reminds me of some guy that did his Camaro like that.
    It could use a little trimming here and there, other than that it’s an El Comiino all the way.

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