GMC Sierra Truck – 1988 PPG Pace Truck

This one-of-a-kind open cab, T-top, backwards rear passenger pickup truck was built by Jack Roush for the PPG CART IndyCar Series.


As many of the 80’s PPG Pace Cars, this vehicle has a unique custom built one-off body. This cost to build this truck in 1988 was over $300,000 – adjusted for 2019 inflation, that’s $630,000!


It’s powered by a 400 cu. in. 18° small block with aluminum heads and electronic fuel injection, built by Roush. Behind the engine is a Turbo 400 transmission.

To further prep for track duty, a fuel cell, water cooling brake system, custom suspension, strobe lights, and four Recaro seats with 5-pt racng harnesses.

Current Status

The truck was listed for sale HERE with 20×10 & 20×11 wheels with 255/40YR-20 tires up front and 315/35YR-20 tires out back, instead of the Boyds wheels and tires. The first two photos below show the original paint scheme, which was later updated by PPG to the 2-tone red.


Then the truck was resprayed by PPG, light bar added and the 16″ wheels above were replaced with a new set of billet wheels. The seat accents also changed to match the new exterior.

The following photos are from the for sale ad:

Thanks Pacsal Michels for the additional photos of the truck in its first phase:

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  • The picture with the smoke in it I helped take. We built a pool of water around the truck for the reflection effects. That picture took 24 hours to take.

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