The Team

With such a large program spanned over two decades, I hope to eventually include as many individuals as possible, involved in every aspect of the program, from drivers to haulers to managers to detailers. If you had any part in the PPG Pace Car Team, please let me know your name, position and years on the team. If your name is already here and would like it to be removed, please contact me, as I respect your privacy.


Jodi Dangel

Margie Smith-Haas

Trisha Hessinger

Debra Mayer

Kathy Rude-Hemrath

Patty Moise

Alice Ridpath

Lyn St. James

Desiré Wilson

Jane Smith

Lea Bartlett

Margy Eatwell

Marybeth Harrison

Pattie Hughes

Joanne Loh

Terry MacDonald-Cadieux

Stacy Marchant

Melanie Paterson

Linda Pobst

Allison Stewart

Rhonda Trammell

Gail Truess

Stacy Kuhn

Pattie Mayer

Allison McKeever


Jim Chapman
Director 1981-1992

Ken Lowe

Denny Fedor Sr.

Mike Sack