Ford Mustang SVO - PPG Pace Car

Ford Mustang SVO – 1986 PPG Pace Car

This SVO supposedly had a big block V8 under the hood, in place of the turbo 2.3 4 cyl.


According to the internet, this SVO Pace Car specified by PPG Vice President Fred Rhue. He wanted the brightest red available. “Fred Red” was the chosen color. Sometime later, the car was repainted a dark metallic green.


According to the forums, this SVO actually had a 396 cu. in. V8 under the hood, pushing 465 hp through a 5 speed with an independent rear suspension rear end, designed by Ford’s SVO group. The exhaust appears to be theĀ 84-85 twin tail pipe design. (85.5-86 SVO came with the dual pipes like the 5.0L.) However the rear spoiler is an 86 design with 3rd brake light. The mesh wheels might be Lincoln Mark VII LSC 16″ wheels.

Current Status


Ford Mustang SVO PPG Pace Car green Ford Mustang SVO - PPG Pace Car

Thanks to Chuck Pillik

Thanks to Chuck Pillik



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