Cadillac Allante – 1992 PPG Pace Car

Unfortunately, this Pace Car met the crusher… UPDATE – or was it sold?


Called “the world’s most powerful front-wheel-drive roadster”, the Allante was powered by GM’s new 4.6-litre Northstar V8 that turned out 290 hp and 290 lb-ft torque. The Allante paced the race in stock configuration, except for mandatory safety items. Three actual pace cars were built with these safety modifications, with an undetermined number of additional cars used for the 500 Festival Parade. (Updated 3/22/19)



Current Status

The Cadillac Allante PPG Pace Car is said to have been crushed after being retired from the fleet. Judging from the last photo of the car in what appears to be a scrap yard, being crushed sounds line an accurate fate.

3/22/19 Update: While I read the car was crushed and found a photo of it in a scrapyard, I just found a 2009 Barrett Jackson Auction listing for the Allante, which sold for $62,700! Despite conflicting information, this one may still be alive. Perhaps there were two Allante Pace Cars? The vin for the one that sold at auction isĀ 1G6VS3392PU100019.

Cadillac Allante 1992 PPG Pace Car Cadillac Allante 1992 PPG Pace Car

Cadillac Allante 1992 PPG Pace Car


  • There were three 1993 Cadillac Allantes prepared to be Indy 500 Pace Cars. After the race one was added to the PPG fleet. This one was indeed destroyed. One other is in the Indy Speedway museum. The one auctioned came from the GM Heritage Collection when there was a liquidation auction.::

    Everything you need to know on the Allante Pace Cars can be found on my page here:

    • Thanks for clarifying! Was the PPG Pace Car the only Allante to ever receive the PPG Pace Car logo on the door? I’m curious why the picture in the 2009 Barrett Jackson Auction listing shows the PPG Pace Car?

  • A few years alter….The picture from the auction was a stock photo, used a number of different places when talking about the Allante. The one that sold is known and with a collector, but was no the PPG car.

    And nice site!

  • Not sure if it was this one or not, but there was a manual trans version floating around when I seen this back in the mid 90’s.

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