Subaru SVX PPG Pace Car

Subaru SVX – 1992 PPG Pace Car

This Subaru SVX has a cult following among SVX owners.


I couldn’t find any track history of this car. The SVX Pace Car appeared publicly at a SVX owner’s meet in 2009. Hundreds of SVX enthusiasts saw the car in person and took photographs. One owner uploaded a walk around video on youtube.


Roush prepped the SVX for track use. FHI provided struts and springs for a tighter and lower handling package. The brakes, wheels, 3.3L EG33 flat six 240 HP engine, and transmission received no modifications, aside from a muffler.  While it didn’t have any extensive body work like many of the earlier Pace Cars, it was sprayed in an unforgettable silver-to-purple gradient and has a matching interior.

Current Status

According to Wikipedia, the SVX is currently owned by Subaru and stored in the “Subaru Performance Attic” in Cherry Hill, New Jersey near Subaru of America’s new headquarters in Camden, New Jersey.

  • From the 1992-1993 edition of The Men & Machines of Indy Car Racing:

    A new addition to the pace car fleet is a unique all-wheel drive Subaru sporting a 260hp turbocharged overhead cam V-6 engine.

    • Thanks for this info- I’ve added it to this page!

    • Factually that is incorrect. Vehicle had a 3.3L EG33 Flat Six Made by Subaru just for this vehicle. Never offered as a turbo. Made around 240 N/A

      • Thank you for clearing this up! I have updated the page.

  • It’s in subaru’s museum. They take it out sometimes for events like the 48hrs of tristate.

  • It currently resides in Subaru of America’s “Performance Attic” in Cherry Hill, NJ.

  • It appeared in Gymkhana 2022

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