1994 mustang cobra indy 500 ppg pace car

Ford Mustang Cobra (Red) – 1994 PPG Pace Car

An Indianapolis 500 pace car that actually paced the Indy 500.


Ford released a completely restyled car For the 30th anniversary of the Mustang, and was given the honor of pacing for the Indianapolis 500. Ford produced 1,000 special edition replica convertibles for consumers. This PPG Pace Car was not one of those sold at dealerships. There were only three 1994 Mustang Cobras prepped to pace the Indy 500 and this is #1 of 3.


Prepped by Roush (and signed by Jack Roush himself) this Cobra has an upgraded fuel cell and fuel system. A crash bar was also added in the rear to protect the fuel cell in a collision. A Halon fire suppression system is mounted in the trunk, as done on all PPG Pace Cars. Cables and mounts for various TV cameras are located in the car, as well as a peep-hole out the back side of the trunk for a rear-facing camera.

The three actual Indy 500 Pace Cars (not the 1000 sold at dealerships) were equipped with an automatic transmission. Also, this car has no catalytic converters.  (The Green 1994 Cobra PPG Pace Car used in the CART Series, rather than the Indy 500, was equipped with a 5-speed transmission.) The roll bar with integrated strobe light is identical to the one used in the Green Cobra Pace Car and is not commercially available as many of the styling bars which are commonly fitted to convertible Mustangs.

Current Status

With just 3600 miles on the odometer, this PPG Pace Car was purchased by a private collector in 2014.

  • Hey, that’s my car!! LOL.. I must have been out of town when my guys rolled it outside to photograph, and I just now stumbled upon this great website. One correction, I purchased the car in 2014… One of the better/smarter deals that I’ve stumbled into in a long time..

    • Thanks Rick! I’ll fix that date 🙂

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