Honda Prelude-1997 PPG Pace Car

Honda Prelude VTi-R – 1997 PPG Pace Car

I’m unsure if PPG had a hand in this one, but it looks so.


This Right Hand Drive Prelude was purchased from an Australian Honda dealership by an enthusiast around 2003. Sometime before that, it served in the Indy 300 as well as other races down under. I can’t say for sure it was a PPG Pace Car, as it was never mentioned in PPG promotional material. It appears to have the same lettering as the Australian Honda Integra, minus the PPG logo, with vinyl SAFETY CAR lettering applied below. Perhaps after its duty as a PPG Pace Car, it went on to pace other series.


Originally silver, the car was repainted red. Safety features such as water cooled brakes, fuel cell, fire suppression system, and partial roll cage with safety harnesses were installed. The owner who purchased the car from Honda removed these for trunk space and insurance purposes. The car came equipped with Honda Access suspension components.

Current Status


Honda Prelude-1997 PPG Pace Car


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