Ford Mustang Cobra 1999 PPG pace car

Ford Mustang Cobra – 1999 PPG Pace Car

It’s for sale! 


One of the later PPG Pace Cars built, this 1999 Cobra continued to see CART track time after PPG ended their Pace Car program. Cart changed to Champ Car, which eventually declared bankruptcy and sold off many of its assets, including some of the re-badged PPG pace cars it had acquired. This put a variety of PPG Pace Cars in the hands of private collectors. While some of the vehicles were never intended to be street legal and have no vin, this Cobra is stamped with 1FAFP46V5XF100060, meaning it can be registered.


As with all PPG Pace Cars, this one also wears custom paint, strobes, fire extinguisher system, fuel cell, and racing harnesses. The roll bar is functional and custom made. The front suspension uses a Kenny Brown K-member and coilover shocks. The DOHC 4.6 is said to put out 340 HP. Although shown in some photos with aftermarket 5-spoke wheels, the car has since been re-fitted with its original BBS RK 18″ wheels.

Current Status

At the time of this post, the 15k mile 1999 PPG Pace Car Mustang Cobra is listed for sale at $18,999, by Group A Wheels in Hauppauge, New York.


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